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B05DS110 and heavy duty framed B06DS110 are both lightweight easily carried bag-holders designed for direct sweep with a 12” broom; One corner of the sweep plate is restrained by the operators boot. By eliminating the shovel it becomes particularly useful in windy conditions. Bag change should take less than 30 seconds.

B06DS11E uses is the 06 heavy duty version of the above frame but with the addition of an external handle thus eliminating the need to stoop and being of particular benefit for use in crowded urban environments. It can be carried on the shoulder if fitted with an impermeable bag, shown here fitted with a 500g. clear bag. Minimum sack neck width is 600mm. Bag change should take about 40 seconds.

B05DS110  Pack of  2  =   £35.00+   £5.00 uk carriage + VAT@20%  =  £48.00

                   Pack of 10 =  £140.00+ £10.00 uk carriage +VAT@20%  = £180.00

B06DS11E Pack of   2  =  £110.00+ £10.00 uk carriage + VAT@20% = £144.00

                   Pack of  6  =  £288.00+ £12.00 uk carriage + VAT@20% =  £360.00