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B05DL110 Standard Litter Pick Bag Holder.Lift-in type, 110cm.perimeter minimum bag width 23”.

Price/quantity: 2-off / box of 4 / box of 10 / box of 2x10 / 10 x10 

B05DL110: £30.0 / £48.00 / £100.00 / £190.00 / £900.00

B05DL98 Slim-line Litter Pick Bag holder Lift-in type. 98cm.perimeter minimum bag width 20”:

Price quantity: 2-off / box of 4 / box of 10 / box of 2x10 / 10 x10

B05DL98:- £28.0 / £44.00 / £92.00 / £180.00 / £850.00.

Above available with black frame and red or green tube, or white frame with green tube. Grey Bags (24”x 38”x 400g.) @ £39.00/100.

Scissor-style Litter Plierwith orange or green ASA handle. BLP1-80, 85 & 90 have asymmetric grips.

Price quantity: 2-off / 10-off / 20-off / 100-off

BLP1-80A.G1I 80cm. £35ea. / £29ea. / £28ea. / £27ea

BLP1-85A.G1I 85cm. £35ea. / £29ea. / £28ea. / £27ea

BLP1-90A.G1I 90cm. £36ea. / £30ea. / £29ea. / £28ea

BLP1’s with spring-wire limb controller:-

BLP1-100A.GT2 100cm. £48.00ea.

BLP1-120A.GT2 120cm. £50.00ea.

Extension Handles for BLP1

E08 0.8m.long 1-section @ £15.00 per pair.

Includes scabbard. (not UK made).

E11 1.1m.long 1-section @ £30.00 per pair. 

Includes carry bag. (not UK made).

E20 1.2-2.0m. 2-section @ £60.00 per pair.

Includes carry bag. (out of stock).

E30 1.2-2.9m. 3-section @ £98.00 per pair.

use with an 80cm. or 85cm. BLP1

Includes carry bag. (limited stock).

SKY PLIER-1 = £595.00 Comprises: 6-Section “Universal” fibre-glass Pole, Litter Plier BLP1NC 

+E11 adapter+ Pull-cord+ BLP1-85

+E11extension handles, Carry Bag

+Lop-head+Saw-head. Built to order

SKY PLIER-2 = £395.00 

Comprises: 6-section Xtel telescopic Pole + Litter PlierBLP1NC + adapter + Pull-cord + Litter Plier BLP1-85 +E11 extensions + Carry Bag.

Built-up to order.

B05DS110 Sweep-in (standard ver.)

£35 for box of 2; £140 for box of 10

B06DS110 Sweep-in H.D.framed ver

 £50 for box of 2 ;  £200 for box of 10

B06DS11E Sweep-in with handle:

 £110 for box of 2 ; £288 for box of 6.

£1,1620.00(£45ea.) per pallet load of 36.

(76 can be packed on full height pallet) 

BHFSC-40Hands-free Sack Carrier.

40-litre hands-free refuse sack carry system.

Quantity: 60 in stock @ £56.00ea. (-waist belt). 

Large angled handle Litter Plier Grn,orange, blue

Price quantity: 2-off / 10-off / 20-off / 100-off . 

BLP2-85A.GT2(32”)£34ea. / £29ea. / £28ea. / £27ea.

BLP2-90A.GT2(34”)£35ea. / £30ea. / £29ea. / £28ea.

BLP2-97C.GT2(37”) £48ea. / £400/10 (C=carbon fibre) 

Note: blue handle is moulded in ABS(we have 200 left).

 A few orange and blue ABS seconds available @ -£3.00ea. 

Slim-Line Litter Plier : green ABS/ khaki ASA

BLP3-65A.GT2 (27”) user =< 5’- 4” @ £25.00ea.

BLP3-80A.GT2 (30”) user =< 5’- 7” @ £25.00ea. 

Not for re-sale: Have a hand-finished “rustic look”.

If cosmetic appearance important select BLP4.

Mid-size angled handle Litter Plier (ASA handle).

Price quantity: 2-off / 10-off / 20-off / 100-off..

BLP4-43A.GT2(16”) £28ea. / £23ea. / £22ea. / £21ea.

BLP4-50A.GT2(20”) £28ea. / £23ea. / £22ea. / £21ea.

BLP4-65A.GT2(27”) £31ea. / £26ea. / £25ea. / £24ea.

BLP4-80A.GT2(30”) £31ea. / £26ea. / £25ea. / £24ea.

BLP4-85A.GT2(32”) £31ea. / £26ea. / £25ea. / £24ea.

BLP4-90A.GT2(34”) £32ea. / £27ea. / £26ea. / £25ea.

BLP4-95A.GT2(36”) £33ea. / £28ea. / £27ea. / £26ea.

BLP4-100A.GT2(40”) £44ea. / £39ea. / £38ea. / £37ea.

the BLP4-100A is fitted with spring-wire limb controller.

BLP4-95A.GT2(36”) + spring-wire limb controller is an additional £10ea. 

Leaf Plier BLP2-72A.P24 orange/ black or green. Designed for single handed use. It has 240mm. wide grab plates. Weight 0.65kg. Also available with a BLP1 handle part number:- BLP1-72A.P24. Price £40.00ea./£330.00/10+ carriage+vat.(orange-black)

Leaf Plier BLP2-DA1.P40

has a 400mm.wide shovel plate. Total weight 1.5kg.

6-per customer limit @ £40.00ea.+ carriage+ vat. 

Use like a shovel. Flapper plate (your 3rd hand)

keeps leaf debris in place during lift and transfer. 

< Leaf Handler-2 (6 in stock @ £36.00ea.)

< B’ham “Clapper-board” version. 

80 in stock @ £40.00ea. 

Weight 2.2kg.

Leaf Handler-3 15 in stock @£40.00ea.

these have 40cm. wide stainless steel toothed compaction plates). Weight 2.3kg.

Made to order at £4k./100 (40cm.wide toothed or 44cm.wide straight edge). Lead time 6-8 weeks.

.GSX shovel grips are extra @ £2.00pp. per new plier.@ £5.00pp. as spares.

stocked in green (as shown) and orange.

Fitting .SCoopsadds £3.00 to cost of a new Litter Plier. @ £5.00per pair as spares.

Scoops are 110x 110mm.

stocked in green (as shown) and orange.

Poop Scoops.  Buckets are:110mm.x 110mm.wide.

Price quantity: 1-off / 2-off / 10-off _

BLP4-60A.SC 60cm.(24”) £33ea. / £28ea. / £26ea. 

BLP4-76A.SC 76cm.(30”) £36ea. / £31ea. / £29ea.

BLP2-76A.SC 76cm.(30”) £39ea. / £34ea. / £32ea. BLP4‘s Poops are green; BLP2 Poop is green /orange.

BLP2-65A.SP Spade Pliersin green or orange.

Price: £40.00ea. 

May be ordered in orange with white PVC sleeved tubes @ £50.00ea. Limited availability as product and tooling design improvement in progress. 

Net-head & its Telescopic Pole

Net-head £35.00ea,

4-section Xtel Pole: 1.75m.closed > 5.9m.extended + 0.6m. taper-connector = 6.5m. @ £175.00ea.

.G1I asymmetric gripper, standard gripper for BLP1.  £3.60 per pair as spares.

.GT2 chisel gripper as fitted to BLP2, BLP3 and BLP4 £3.60per pair as spares.

.G2 tiptoe grip was an option on BLP2, BLP3 and 4.

 It requires formed tube ends. £3.00per pair as spares. 

.CUP 50mm.dia. grip fits a 16mm. diameter tube that ideally has a 45deg. mitred tube end. £3.60per pair.

.G1 Original Chubby Grip that was fitted to BLP1. It is secured with a blind rivet/s. £4.00per pair as spares.

Carriage and VAT @ 20% are additional to the prices shown. 

ROBERT ACTON Product Developments

Design & manufacturer of Litter Picking + Street Cleansing Tools & Equipment

UK PRICE LIST: Robert Acton Product Developments / BAGO

Prices valid to: 31/07/2024 : Packing & Carriage is additional to the prices shown, from £10.00 it is goods and delivery address dependent. 

VAT @ 20% is additional to both goods and carriage prices.