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Litter Plier BLP1 for fast Litter retrieval

Rugged for the toughest job yet light enough for all day use. The handles are sized to accommodate the gloved hand and biased to the open position by an internal torsion spring. Easily carried in the relaxed hand a squeeze of the thumb and the litter is gripped, a flick of the wrist sees the litter into the bag.

Available in 3 standard lengths: 80cm., 85cm. and 90cm. Fitted with the.G1i asymmetric grip, use the rounded side for most of your litter pickups then to quickly remove annoying drink-straws from pavement block-work just roll the Litter Plier over and bring the pointy bits into play ! Replaceable & made of abrasion resistant polyurethane their scolloped sides make bottles & cans easy work.

Handle colours: green or orange. Weight: BLP1-85 = 500g.

 Longer 95cm, 100cm. and 120cm. lengths can be made to order with aluminium or composite carbon fibre tubes. A spring wire limb controller is fitted to prevent gripper crossover. When a large object is encountered the spring-wire-ends can be twisted to release the otherwise captive tube to allow full opening. 

BLP1E08 0.8m. extensions are easy to carry, quickly deployable and provide a reach of 1.6m. Fitted to BLP1-85

is a good combination for extracting litter from hedges.

To fit extension handles: Pull on the cord connecting the BLP1 Litter Plier handle plugs. Then  entering the extension handle pushing while turning clockwise to lock in place.

 1-off: BLP1-85A.G1I grn. 85cm.height+ E08 extensions = £60.00ea.incl. UK carriage+vat

 1-off: BLP1-85A.G1I org. 85cm.height+ E08 extensions = £60.00ea.incl. UK carriage+vat

10-off: BLP1-85A.G1I grn. 85cm.height+ E08 extensions = £450.00  incl. UK carriage+vat 

10-off: BLP1-85A.G1I org. 85cm.height+ E08 extensions = £450.00  incl. UK carriage+vat