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Litter Plier: BLP1NC-5A.GT2 orange.

Configured to spring to the closed position it is designed for use with Extension handles or Sky Plier-2 .

It is fitted by entering the tapered thread-end of the extension handle into the Litter Plier handle-socket, with a push and clockwise twist action. 

An 8 metre . extension cord (not shown here) is tied to the looped end of the plier attached operational-cord that is threaded as shown here.

The grips are opened by pulling strongly on the cord such that the resultant torque exceeds that of the blue-elastic-shock-cord that actions gripper closure. With the open grippers positioned the cord is released, allowing the grips to close and trap the litter.

The overall length of 22” (56cm.) provides the best compromise between grip pressure and open grip aperture. Fully open the gap between the grips is 6” (15cm.)

SCoop ends can be fitted, in place of the .GT grips shown.

Price: £60.00ea.+ vat  Includes extension cord but is +carriage if ordered as discrete item.