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Fitted on the end of an extension handle or telescopic pole the net is positioned over the litter / object to be retrieved, the operational cord is then pulled such that the net-band is constricted and the litter/object is contained. Pole and cord are then pulled in to complete the retrieval. The net has a flexile band that makes for an approximate open net width of 30cm. The Net-head is fitted to a 4-section telescopic pole (1.75m. closed length, 5.9m. fully extended) + our Taper-Connector to provide a overall length of 6.5m. (This arrangement also enables the, normally closed, Litter Plier BLP1NC to be fitted.)

For a longer reach specify a 5-section 1.75 > 7.2m. pole (42mm.outer - 26mm. inner diameter + a 0.6m. taper-connector.