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BLP2-85A.GSX(34") / BLP2-90A.GSX(36") Litter Plier 

Picks up bottles+cans and grabs litter by the shovel load. With heavy duty BLP2 handle for long service life, this tool with its GSX mini-Shovel+Grips extends the role of the litter plier to encompass the scrape, containment & lift of lightly trodden chewing gum, multiple cigarette ends, wet paper, moss, squashed chips and even dog poop if bag fitted. It can clear rain channels and delve into storm drains to clear U-bends. Save the cost and delay of calling-up a sweep- operation. 

  All in a days work for BLP2-85A.GSX !

Available in green (as shown) or orange. The standard aluminium tubes can be replaced with with composite glass fibre tubes if required for electrical insulation. The Gripper-shovel is 80cm.wide, made of glass filled nylon and secured to the tube by an M3 screw and nut. Overall height = 34” for the BLP2-85A.GSX and 36" for the 90.

BLP2-85A.GSX green height 90cm.  Box of 2  =   £70.00+  £10.00 uk carriage+ VAT@20%  =   £

BLP2-85A.GSX green height 90cm.  5 x 2 (10) = £290.00+ £10.00 uk carriage+ VAT@20%  =    £

BLP2-90A.GSX orange height 95cm. Box of 2  =   £72.00+  £10.00 uk carriage+ VAT@20%  =  £

BLP2-90A.GSX orange height 95cm. 5 x 2 (10) = £300.00+  £10.00 uk carriage+ VAT@20%  =  £

Spare GSX shovel-grips in grn. or org. 10-pairs = £50.00+ £5.00 uk carriage+VAT@20%