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If use of extension handles is impractical ? why dismount if you can reach it with one these ? > 

Held at the black grip position the Litter Pliers are are almost in balance and can used for general Litter Picking by tall individuals, repositioning the hand to the actual handle only when maximum reach required. These very long tubes needed a spring wire limb controller to prevent gripper crossover; when a large object is encountered the spring wire ends can be twisted to release the restricted, captive, tube and allow full opening. Note: We can make longer versions of the BLP4 (up to 46”) or shorter versions of BLP1 (for example a 42”) its just how much we cut off our longest stock length 997mm. tube.

.CUP grips (shown right), are back by popular demand (Well one customer actually). Originally introduced for retrieving golf balls they can but fitted to any of our Litter Piers providing the tube ends are mitred at 45 degrees to prevent rotation as they are only retained by adhesive. A good choice if working in long grass and light sandy areas. 

A new sub-compact Poop-Scoop has been added to the BLP4 line-up. Designated BLP4-44A.SC its just 44cm. high but still sports full size 11cm.x 11cm. buckets. More convenient to carry than its longer variants it may even get taken on the dog-walk. As usual a bag is fitted over the twin-bucket ends prior to engaging the offending deposit. With the scoops closed and deposit contained, the open end of the bag is turned inside out, the scoops opened and the enclosed part of the bag removed with its deposit safely contained. Provisional price: £20.00ea.+carriage+vat.

Leaf Plier BLP4-72A.P24 is a new single handed use tool introduced to enable leaf fall, or cuttings, to be quickly loaded into a bag.

The shovel plates at 24cm. wide are as large as is practical for bag loading, given the other hand is required to hold the receiving bag. 

To minimize the power required to manipulate comparatively large volume potentially heavy loads with one hand the overall length of the tool has been set at 72cm. however if you would like a longer version we are happy to make one. Weight = 650g.


Leaf Plier

Litter Plier BLP1-85 and extension handles BLP1E08 (800mm) are carried and quickly deployed from the shoulder strap/waist belt mounted Scabbard

which with bag holder B05DL110 completes Kit-1.

When require the extensions are fitted by removing the cord attached handle plugs and inserting the tapered end of the extension handle with a push and clockwise twist action. 

For other longer options click on: Extension Handles

BLP1-85 opens to 300mm. between the grips. If it will go in the bag you stand a good chance of picking it up with these pliers.

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Daysac-2 can enable you to carry the necessities for the days work. Adjustable external straps carry the tools. A 20 litre internal capacity provides for water-proofs, gloves, hand wipes, first-aid-kit and sandwiches, side pockets provide a drink bottle and refuse sacks. Not a very popular item but we still have a few left please telephone for price and availability and the exact design of Daysac in stock. 

“Made in UK” exceptions: extension handles, carry bags, telescopic poles, saw and pruner head.